Our Approach

How does Proferus ‘Cage’ then ‘Slice’ the Elephant?

Proferus proactively anticipate the potential issues the Banking and Financial Services community can encounter and set out to design solutions.

Therefore, Proferus tries to be 1 step ahead by anticipating requests for consultancy help before they arise! We develop a standard set of documented files covering all known issues and the relative solutions in our secured knowledge base. The aim is to be able to respond quickly to requests, no matter how complexed and challenging, in the most tangible way, as it should have elements that have been identified or encountered before. Proferus can then respond and tailor the solution expediently.

Therefore, Proferus take a holistic approach to all issues to standardise the solution(s).

Our secured knowledge base contains a rich, unique and continuously growing collection of solutions that can be adapted and tailored to be utilised in solving the issues causing the problems encountered.

Furthermore, all solutions are referenced and stored for continuous development and improvement in our ever growing and evolving secured knowledge base.

What then remains are the ‘black holes’, the issues that require further clarification to tailor to a unique solution. Proferus will then review and develop into the overall tailored ‘client specific’ solution.

Proferus consultants have access to all the procured solutions in the secured knowledge base and have the support and backup of the whole team, therefore a one window contact with a team support.

So, the issue is 1st identified (Elephant caged) and the solution project is managed with minimised risk (Elephant sliced).