Trade Finance

The world of trade finance is a world of contradictions…

In one breath, clients ask for fast, flexible, tailor-made financial instruments and in the next, they demand low fees for transactions with optimal risk coverage and minimal effort on their part.

Moreover, companies expect their banks to bear the administrative burden of international trades so that they can focus on their core business at the same time as requesting increased data integration to improve their own processes.

With clients demanding more and expecting to pay less, banks need to meet their clients’ needs with the best possible mix of capabilities. Yet profitable trade finance depends on improving a bank’s technical abilities and straight-through-processing rates in an industry that is still mostly paper-based and averse to change.

Strategic Insight, Business Change & Technology Implementation:

Organisations need to constantly review their position and performance in order to continue meeting customer demands or adapt to technological advancements and competition in the market. Proferus enjoys a rich pool of resources, process expertise and established partnership networks with leading technology providers. Our has the experience and expertise to assist organisations to make informed decisions on: 1 Target Operating Model Design, 2 Business case development, 3 Change roadmap development, 4 Organisation Transformation, 5 Business Process Redesign, 6 Compliance and Operational Risk, 7 Front office innovation, 8 Backoffice replacement & 9 Technology enhancement.