Marc Smith

“Helping organisations achieve success is my mission.”

I enjoy the challenge of analysing a complex problem, creating solution strategies and implementing changes to make help our clients progress. I believe in the principle that leaders eat last and that the only lasting value from consulting is an ability to deliver better results more quickly through specialisation. (see Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last)

I worked for Capgemini for more than eight years as management consultant and as programme manager for the implementation of several large international organisational and IT changes. After a period managing the Fortis account, I chose a new direction and Proferus was born.

As an entrepreneur, manager, and founder of Proferus, my passion is to deliver outstanding results. My mission: to close the gap between what clients actually want to achieve and what they usually get. I have a strong track record in Operations and IT change and stand for progress through structured, steady and continuous improvement.