Jos Hogewoning

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not a threat”

Since the start of my career in 1983 I have gained a lot of experience in Operational- and Managerial level working for large international banks. During this period, I have obtained an excellent knowledge of Transaction Banking products, and in particular Trade Finance. After working in Operations for the first 15 years of my career I started working in Project organizations responsible for rollout of Global Back- and Front office Trade systems. I have worked in different roles: Business Analyst, Business Developer, Functional Support Analyst, Regional Test Manager and Business Implementation Manager, in continues changing environments.

I consider the 8 years as Regional Test Manager to be key, being responsible for project deliverables, managing a team, but at the same time offshoring work from US, UK and NL to India. My presence onsite in these countries has given me an excellent cultural understanding.

As Senior Consultant I believe that my banking- and project experience, Trade Finance knowledge and ‘look forward’ attitude can be of added value to our (international) customers.     I like to be part of a team with challenging assignments, working towards the same goal.

In all these years I have learned to look out for new opportunities, to convince people that Change is something you should embrace.