Risk & Compliance

Managing the organisation effectively and efficiently is critical.

Governance Risk & Compliance refers to how an organisation leads toward efficiently achieving goals while managing risks that could hinder the organisation. It becomes increasingly important to comply with the ever-changing landscape of regulatory requirements in the area of (operational) Risk and Compliance. This is achieved by translating local rules and & regulations into policies, procedures, manuals & guidelines.

Proferus is profound in accelerating projects as it offers a wide range of consultancy products to a broad client base in the area of AnaCredit, Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management. We are monitoring the latest trends and new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain.

Proferus can offer: Execution of an (ORM) regulatory gap analysis – where are the discrepancies between the current ruling and the implemented policies and procedures? Are policies being adhered to? Examples of rules and regulations are: Wft (Dutch Financial Supervision Act), Wwft (Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing Directive), MiFID, Dodd-Frank, FATCA, SOx, CRR, CRD, Basel III, GL44, BCBS 195/196. Implementation and maintenance of a ‘three lines of defence’ risk framework (COSO)

Execution of the full pallet of Operational Risk Management tools and techniques such as Risk and Control Assessments, Event Data Collection procedures and follow-up, Scenario Analysis and its impact on Capital Requirements, Key Risk Indicator ReportingOffering the full scope of Compliance process implementation (including KYC, transaction/customer data screening & filtering). As Conpend’s strategic partner, Proferus is responsible for a controlled integration of Trafinas. Trafinas is a fully automated sanction screening tool as developed by Conpend. For more info: www.conpend.com.