Private Equity

With so many opportunities available in the market, an experienced advisor is the guide potential buyers need to close the best possible deal.

Proferus M&A Advisory team has established a track record of success representing clients on many transactions in the payments industry. Our M&A Advisory team, which includes management consultants as well as M&A specialists, was designed so that clients receive the benefit of our strategic insight as they consider the broad consequences of a transaction.

Our core areas of M&A expertise include buy/sell-side financial advisory, strategic partnership/alliance formation, valuation and fairness opinions.

Proferus brings a detailed understanding of how value is created in every segment of the payments industry. Thanks to Proferus long standing experience as consultancy in payments, we are able to support M&A activities from the identification of possible targets, to business due diligence and integrations. Together, our M&A Advisory and consulting expertise make Proferus a truly unique advisory firm. Our client base consists of diverse and international companies that include many of the largest industry players and investors – e.g., private equity firms, venture capital firms, and other investor groups seeking opportunities in the payments sector.

Proferus large industry network gives clients unrivaled reach in the market. Thanks to our strong ties with all players in the industry chain, our team is able to originate and identify possible targets before a clear M&A opportunity arises. Our seasoned team of professionals have broad experience taking the role of mediator to initiate conversations on behalf of end customers, helping maintaining the necessary low profile when needed.