How can the business keep up with this technological change today?

The world around us is continually changing and rapidly shifting from analogue towards digital. Blockchain is the next big technological disruption that nowadays gaining a lot of attention and becoming very important for the business.
Although it might be challenging to predict Blockchain future, we can be sure that it will reshape the world of business. Therefore, it is vital for companies to think what this revolution will bring and how it will rewrite the rules.
Innovation in Blockchain and its distributed ledger technologies have become the top focus for Trade Finance and seem to have the potential to transform the future of global trade. It becomes a big challenge for business to stay up-to-date in this industry and a higher number of companies realise the importance of exploring blockchain benefits. Proferus steps in here with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Trade Finance, including full business advice and information in the field of blockchain technology.
We help our clients in developing innovative blockchain solutions that address real business issues or adjust the existing models to comprehend this fast-moving technology. We help to empower business into new technology spaces not only by optimising real business cases with blockchain technology but also by diving into the blockchain architecture to investigate its full potential. We intend to strategically plan how we can help our clients to develop a blockchain that meets your organisations business goals and to make the best of this transformation.
Blockchain software development companies advise in many different business areas. Proferus stands out with a combination of an in-depth Trade Finance domain knowledge with a proper understanding of the latest technologies, including Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and user supervised machine learning.
Our Trade Finance specialists are certified as Blockchain Solution Architect®, TOGAF Enterprise Architect® and R3 Corda Distributed Ledger developer®. With this competence and skills our Proferus team can advise on the full change of the process: from the generation of ideas for design to implementation, testing and delivery.